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Did you know that travellers can make significant savings by contacting the hostels directly to make reservations?

We at Hoostels collect the best deals and hostel discounts for travellers to take advantage of booking direct. Travellers can find the contact details of the hostel and the best rates offered to book directly with the accommodation.

Here you can find hostel contact details such as telephone number, website, email, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook or live chat.

What is

We are not an Online Travel Agency (OTA). In our site you can’t make a reservation. You can find discounts that hostels are offering for direct bookings. That means you will need to contact the hostel or visit its website to make the reservation.

You as a traveller don’t pay to get contact details. You as accommodation partner don’t pay to list your property with us.

How to get hostel deals and discounts?

In order to get the deals and discounts listed at, you need to contact the hostel directly or make an online booking with them. Very often, you will get the discount automatically by using the direct links you find in the hostel profile.

Why booking hostels direct?

The hotel booking sites, such as Booking, Expedia, Hostelworld or Airbnb, are charging a high commission fee to their accommodation partners for online bookings. These fees and commissions have become an increasingly in the last years.

Booking sites charge to their accommodation partners between 10% and 25% commission, that means that for every 100€ you spend in accommodation, up to 25€ go to an online business. This money could be instead used by the accommodation to improve your travel experience, especially for small hostels, family run-hostels, bed and breakfast and guesthouses.

Many hostels have started to offer better deals for direct bookings. This reasoning means that booking directly with the hostel, via email, phone or directly through its website, you can get significant discounts and free items in your bookings. This way the hostel avoid the commission and you get some savings. Sounds fair, right?

In this website you can find hostel discounts up to 15%, as well as free welcome drinks or beers, and many other especial deals when you book direct. You can find here all the details to make an online booking, and then contact the hostel in order to get the deal. We don’t charge anything for that, not to the traveller, not to the hostel.

Not many travellers know that they can get better hostel deals, especially backpackers who are travelling on a budget. The aim of this site is to become the meeting point for travellers to find contact details in order to make direct reservations at hostels around the world. As easy as it sounds, and free.

Enjoy your trip, team